Dear __________________,

I recently received a message from someone very close to you who asked me to please send you this note. They thought you might need some help with a problem that affects millions of people all over the world. That problem is bad breath.

Please don't be embarrassed. It's practically impossible to detect your own bad breath! Many of my patients were completely unaware that they even had a problem until someone who cared about them sent them a friendly note like this one.

Many people falsely believe that bad breath is due to poor oral hygiene. This is absolutely not true. Bad breath is commonly caused by bacteria that live on the tongue and throat surfaces. Everyone has these bacteria. When these bacteria multiply beyond our body's natural ability to control them, the result is bad breath.

The great news about bad breath is that it is easily and affordably treatable. I have personally helped millions of people in over 98 countries to eliminate this embarrassing problem and finally breathe with confidence.

We have a great deal of information about this very misunderstood problem on our website,, including simple tips on types of foods to avoid, good habits to encourage fresh breath and information on products which can safely destroy the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note. Again, please do not be offended by this email. It is simply meant to inform you that there is a simple way to get rid of a troubling problem.

Dr. Katz
Dr. Harold Katz,
Inventor of the TheraBreath® System